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5-year, 2.75% CD at Sharonview FCU

Sharonview Federal Credit Union has a competitive long-term CD available: a 5-year CD yielding 2.75% APY. This CD has only a $500 minimum. Sharonview FCU has a number of other competitive CDs available at various terms, but most of them require very large deposits. For example, with a $100,000 minimum, their 24-to-35 month CDs are yielding 2.00% APY, but if you reduce that to under a $10,000 deposit, the same CD goes way down to 1.25% APY. Still, some of their middle-term and longer-term CDs may be looking into if you’re planning to open a large or very large CD.

Sharonview Federal Credit Union is open to employees of 250 businesses, although the complete list isn’t on their website. Sharonview FCU has branches in four states, including four branches in New Jersey. All of the New Jersey branches are Bridgewater. Three branches are only open to Sanofi-Aventis employees, but one location (400 Somerset Corporate Blvd.) is open to the public.