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Competitive short-term rates at Aurora Bank

Aurora Bank has a couple relatively competitive short term CDs available: a 6-month CD that’s yielding 1.08% APY, and a 12-month CD that returns 1.26% APY. Both these CDs have minimum deposits of $1000. If you deposit $100,000 or more into either of these CDs, the rates do go up, but only very slightly: 1.10% APY for the 6-month and 1.27% for the 1-year. Aurora Bank does offer IRA CDs at those terms as well, but the rates are almost comically low—0.25% APY for the 1-year CD, and a measly 0.07% APY for the 6-month certificate. On the plus side, Aurora’s checking account does have a reasonable 0.84% APY on amounts over $10,000.

Aurora Bank has one location in New Jersey: 70 Hudson Street in Jersey City.

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